segunda-feira, maio 28, 2012

Interview with Sr. Octávio Pereira

We are three students of the USAF –Felgueiras that heve decided to interview Sr. Octávio Pereira, President of the Board of USAF. He kindly accepetd to spend some time with us.
 - What is the reason why you have funded USAF?
Well, I belong to the Felgueiras  Rotary Club  that gave me this mission a long time ago.
- Did you get any support?
The only support we got was this space we are occupying which was kindly given by the Felgueiras  Rotary  Club.
- In spite of the difficulties, are you happy?
Yes, my happiness is to see  that all the students and teachers are happy and fulfilled.
- Of all these past tem years, what is your best memory?
It’s hard to answer because I have  many good memories.
- Do you consider your work and dedication recognised?
I didn’t do anything having in mind any personal reward.

Thank you for all the good moments that you have given us and we hope  you keep up the excelent   work and dedication you have devoted to this institution.

By Conceição Lopes, Adelaide Rico  and Carolina Pinheiro

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